Major League Plumbing Problems Require A Major League Plumber

Team up with our experienced plumbing company in Chester, Stevensville, Centreville & Chestertown, MD

It's easy to forget about your plumbing when everything works properly. Then, suddenly, a toilet starts flooding your bathroom and you have a major problem on your hands. When disaster strikes, you need a plumbing company you can count on to get your system fixed.

Major League Plumbing, LLC is a family-owned plumbing company in Chester, Stevensville, Centreville & Chestertown, MD led by a 4th generation master plumber. From simple clogs and leaks to major disasters like burst pipes, we have the skills to fix any plumbing issue. We also offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services so you don't have to wait around for help.

When life throws a wrench into your day, throw one right back. Call us at 410-200-8051 for emergency plumbing repairs.

We do more than just repairs

Some plumbers can only fix a limited range of problems. Major League Plumbing is a team of professional plumbers at the top of our game. We provide a full selection of plumbing services, including...










No matter what problem you have with your plumbing system, you can rely on our team to get the job done properly the first time. Make an appointment for plumbing services by contacting us today.

Get Reliable Plumbing Inside And Out

Do you get your water from a personal well instead of the municipal water supply? No problem. You can rely on Major League Plumbing to keep your system working. From well pumps to pressure tanks, we can inspect, repair or replace any part of your system to make sure water keeps flowing to your home.

Stop suffering from a broken plumbing system. Change the game by calling us now.