Drain Cleaning Services in Chester, Stevensville, Centreville & Chestertown, MD

Drain Cleaning Services in Chester, Stevensville, Centreville & Chestertown, MD

Major League Plumbing Drain Cleaning Services
Drain cleaning services will remove debris from your clogged drain. What may appear to be a small household drain problem can potentially be a symptom of a larger plumbing issue. If the main sewer line to your home is clogged, it will eventually clog all of your household drains. Other possible warning signs to look for are bubbling or gurgling sounds, a smell of sewage or signs of moisture around the drains. If more than one drain is slow or clogged, the problem is likely in the main drain.

At Major League Plumbing, LLC, our experts will thoroughly evaluate your plumbing pipes, determine the source of the problem, and repair or replace any defective or outdated equipment.

We offer affordable, solutions to any of your plumbing needs as well as emergency service 7 days a week. Contact Major League Plumbing for a free estimate on drain cleaning services today!

Tips To Prevent Clogged/Slow Household Drains

  • Pour leftover cooking grease in a can, never down the drain.
  • Only flush toilet paper, never flushable wipes or feminine products.
  • Use sink/tub strainers to prevent food particles and hair from going down drains.
  • Pour hot/boiling water down your kitchen sink drain once a week.
  • Always use a steady stream of cold water when using garbage disposal.
  • Clean drain stoppers on a regular basis.