Water Softener System Installation in Chester, Stevensville & Centreville, MD

Water Softener System Installation in Chester, Stevensville & Centreville, MD

If your home is supplied with water from a well, you most likely have hard water. Hard water contains a high mineral count and could negatively impact your family's health, appliances, laundry, plumbing pipes and plumbing fixtures. Hard water sediments can also carry potentially harmful bacteria growth in residential drinking water.

Hard water is softened by removing the calcium and magnesium it contains. When hard water passes through the softening system's resin bed, the calcium and magnesium ions are removed through an ion exchange process, so only softened water passes through to your home.

The answer to all of your hard water problems is to schedule a water softener system installation, an investment that will save you headaches as well as money. At Major League Plumbing, our experts can repair, replace or install water softener systems in your home. We guarantee high quality service at an affordable rate! Contact Major League Plumbing, LLC for a free estimate on water softener system installation today!

Signs Of Hard Water In Your Home

  • Water that tastes or smells bad.
  • Stains on your toilets, sinks and bathtubs.
  • You're constantly cleaning up soap scum.
  • Soap in the shower does not bubble or lather properly.
  • Clogs in your shower head.
  • Plumbing pipes clog repeatedly.
  • Clothes do not clean properly after washing them.
  • Skin irritation issues.
  • Appliances wear out quickly.