Sewer Camera Inspections Offered By Major League Plumbing

In Addition To Plumbing, Water Treatment And Well System Service, We Offer State-Of-The-Art Sewer Camera Service.

This Service Is Performed To Diagnosis Various Sewer Line Concerns From Cracks And Leaks To Blockages. We Have The Ability To Diagnosis And Repair Sewer Lines Ranging From 3"-8" In Diameter, Up To 200' In Length.

This Process Is Performed With A High-Resolution, Fiber Optic Camera Secured To End Of A Flexible Cable. This Cable Is Then Inserted Into The Line From The Point Of Access, Giving Our Technicians The Ability To See The Exact Location And Depth Of The Damage And/Or Blockage. This Technique Helps Avoid Unnecessary Disruption Of Lawn Or Flooring. Once Completed Our Customers Have The Option To Be Provided A USD Card For Their Records. Give Us A Call Today For Additional Information Or To Schedule An Appointment!!

When Should I Get A Sewer Camera Inspection?

When Should I Get A Sewer Camera Inspection?

  • You're Moving to a New House
  • After A Drain Cleaning
  • Your Drains Are Slow or Backing Up
  • You Have a Foundation Leak
  • You Haven't Checked Your Sewer in a While
  • Unnatural, Gurgling Sounds Can Be Heard In Drains
  • Smelly Odors Coming From The Drains or Your Basement